Human Disorder - _Twisted Sane_
by: Adrian Bromley (4 out of 5)
Southern Ontario metal quartet Human Disorder's debut album, _Twisted Sane_, is quite the piece of work. The riffs are thick, the vocals are abrasive and the pounding rhythm section is tight throughout the debut album. Molding their music after such thrash metal bands as Anthrax and Sacred Reich, and working hard to create well-crafted metal numbers as we would see with bands like Flotsam Jetsam and Metal Church, Human Disorder's 10-song release is pleasing as it flows a very consistent pattern of groove and tightness. I enjoyed this release as it seems the band has managed to capture a very honest feel to the way their music comes across. It doesn't seem contrived or fake. Get drawn in by such numbers as "Horrorscope", "Fever", and "Afraid". Musically, the band is doing something of the kind of music that some people have ignored in the past few years (that being thrash/groove metal), but with bands out there like Anthrax still kicking around and new killer LPs by Sacred Reich (_Heal_) and Meliah Rage (_Death Valley Dream_), there may be a place for Human Disorder in the realms of Canadian metal. An independent release worth looking into.

Contact: Human Disorder c/o New Music Management

(article published 18/11/1996)

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