Rotted - _Instinctive Demise_
by: Adam Wasylyk (3 out of 5)
Not be confused with Canada's own Rotting, Milwaukee's Rotted, with the four-track _Instinctive Demise_, perform some brutal death metal in the same vein as Suffocation, especially vocal-wise. Songs "Beyond My Sight", "Substance Replaced Reality", "Remorse Destiny", and the title track are performed brutally and are unrelenting in their aggressive style. Very good production and a good demo layout put this over the top. However, if Rotted want to go beyond the demo stage, then they have to incorporate some more musical styles into their present sound. They do have the talent, but they'll have to back it up with more originality, to separate them from the hundreds of Suffocation-sounding bands out there. If they indeed do this, you'll be hearing the name Rotted again in the future.

Contact: ROTTED, P.O. Box 341062, Milwaukee, WI, 53234, USA

(article published 11/10/1996)

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