Mental Crypt - _Sects of Doom_
by: Adam Wasylyk (3 out of 5)
Musically this demo isn't bad, but vocally it left a lot to be desired. The five-piece from Sweden play death metal combined with more traditional elements of metal which accounts for the music sounding okay, but the vocals sounded more whiney than powerful. The demo was recorded in the Abyss Studios by Peter Tagtgren, who is better known for being in Hypocrisy. I didn't find the production exceptional, but it's better than most demos I've heard of late. With a band in its infantile stages, the best producer in the world can't make up for lack of talent. That is somewhat the same case here. Musically, there isn't anything great. For the most part, it's average material. Lyrics deal with death and gloom, song titles are "Genocide", "Suffocation", the title track, and "Pandemonium". I do see potential in Mental Crypt, but some musical and vocal changes will have to be made for them to prosper. _Sects of Doom_ just scrapes out an average mark.

Contact: MENTAL CRYPT, c/o Sven Erik Fritiofsson

(article published 11/10/1996)

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