Glutton - _She Was Beautiful_
by: Gino Filicetti (5 out of 5)
As soon as the package labeled "Glutton" arrived in my mail, I knew I was in for a treat; and gosh darnit, I was right! This is the third self-produced, self-printed, self-pressed demo these boys have regurgitated to the masses in their presumably short, but unknown lifespan. I can safely say that everything about Glutton's music is original; the riffs, the vocals, the lyrics, the artwork, the bio, and their entire (non)image can not be compared to any other mere mortals. The production on this tape is quite muddy, but strangely enough, it suits the music well. The first tune, "Excessive Premonition", is the highlight of the demo. It starts off with a bunch of weird, haunted house-style shriekings that give way to some very catchy riffage which dominates the rest of the song. The vocals Glutton call their own are a sort of raspy whisper that comes across quite clear in parts. The lyrics are somewhat poetic but totally undecipherable, which only adds to the mystique of the band. I would definitely recommend this recording to any and everyone, especially to all the numb fuck A&R reps who haven't signed these guys yet. For more insight into the mentality of Glutton, check out CoC #12's Independent Interrogations.

(article published 11/10/1996)

5/10/1996 G Filicetti 4 Glutton - Cruel, Disfigured
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