Eternal Tears of Sorrow - _Sinner's Serenade_
by: Gino Filicetti (3 out of 5)
Hailing from Finland, this multi-faceted metal band displays a lot of talent, but one of the shittiest demo recordings I've heard in my LIFE! However, if one overlooks that one minor detail, it becomes evident that EToS can hold their own. This tape is actually a four-son advance tape in lieu of their full-length debut being released by X-treme Records later this year. The demo begins with "Dawn, a very soft melodic intro to the song, "Another One Falls Asleep", which showcases EToS's musical style which remains consistent throughout this demo. The vocals are probably my favorite part of this tape: they are growled and pretty low in tone, but not extremely guttural, the way I like 'em best! The guitar sound has a definite black metal styling to it, but can become quite folkish a la Amorphis in songs like, "Sinner's Serenade". Overall, a solid advance tape: let's just hope the album has better production than this.

Contact: ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW c/o Jarmo Puolakanaho

(article published 11/10/1996)

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