Darkheave - _Beauty, Truth, Goodness_
by: Adrian Bromley (3 out of 5)
For an unbelievably low amount of money (the rumor around T.O. says $50 or less) North York, Ontario's Darkheave produced and recorded their follow-up to their debut 4-song demo, _No Life 'til Pedro_ (which was done on 4-track for $20). Now that we get past the overall cost of the band's recordings, we get down to the heart of the matter, the music. On _BTG_, Darkheave lashes out with some heavy death metal numbers (aided by multiple samples) that shout Napalm Death or (old) Fear Factory styles. As well, there is an underlying element of groove that is found on this recording, therefore citing influences of Machine Head and Kyuss. After noting that, it seems that those influences and sounds make this 4-track demo sound like a collection of musical influences rather than a full-fledged solid effort by the band. I know the band has potential to do something a bit more aggressive and more detailed to their sound as opposed to mimicking other bands because of the work on their previous demo tape, which showed a varied Darkheave sound of metallic mayhem and groove. _BTG_ shows definite signs of growth in sound and harshness, and besides the low-cost production muffling direction or wanted sound, this demo actually hits its mark with its rawness and rather harsh brutality. Tracks like the powerful "Die a Tribe" and opener "Bastard Diabolic" are worthy of checking out. Sounds heavy, but more emphasis on a Darkheave sound is needed. 'Nuff said.

Contact: DARKHEAVE, 7 Haddington Ave.

(article published 11/10/1996)

9/2/1995 G Filicetti Darkheave - No Life 'til Pedro
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