Embrace - _Promo Tape 1996_
by: Adrian Bromley (4 out of 5)
Aahhh... once again the beautifully sculpted sounds of Kitchener four-piece Embrace find way into my musical collection. For all you CoCer's out there who remember, Embrace's self-titled debut demo appeared in the pages of CoC Issue #2. While following much along the format of the first offering (choir-like melodies stitched within the depths of a death metallish musical overtone) the new material on this demo is quite impressive with its much darker feel and ambient state of deliverance - the music is along the lines of My Dying Bride and The Gathering. I'm advised that some of the material off this demo (plus the six songs on their first demo) will find their way on a forthcoming full-length CD _Coven the Eternal_ due out in July sometime. Truly, growth has shown its wings with this act and I'm glad to say that their newer material/sound/approach is truly proving to be worthwhile for several listens over and over again. Get lost within the realms of "Falling Away" or "Obscured", just two of the tracks on this demo. Or better yet, wait for the full-length album to emerge with re-recorded versions of great Embrace songs like "The Living End", "Solitude" and "Embodiment Of Darkness" off their original demo. Worth the wait to hear how this whole package comes together.

Contact: EMBRACE, 100 Queen St. N. #1803

(article published 17/7/1996)

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