Red Sun Project - _Red Sun Project_
by: Alain M. Gaudrault (3 out of 5)
Red Sun Project is actually 7th Gate (see review in this issue) in disguise. Fronted by a different vocalist, the band plays a decidedly more mainstream style of metal. While still retaining a thick, crunching sound, this demo incorporates elements more commonly found in heavy alternative acts, without the uni-dimensional simplistic playing displayed by said bands. And again, as with 7th Gate, the demo was recorded without the aid of effects, overdubbing, etc, "just live playing." Unfortunately, the weak link in Red Sun Project has to be their vocalist. While his singing voice is decent in places, his screams are beyond annoying, and his rap has to go, although it could be argued that it fits the music. I would readily disagree. In any case, this is a pretty cool showcasing of talent, and certainly displays the diversity of the musicians, particularly after having sampled their alter-ego, 7th Gate. If you were thinking about ordering the latter's demo, consider Red Sun Project's as well, if only to hear the breadth of their writing abilities.

Contact: RED SUN PROJECT, Rainer Zimmermann, Bergerweb 5

(article published 9/6/1996)

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