Eterne De Sade - _Beyond The Mind's Eye_
by: Sally Sanchez (3 out of 5)
Eterne De Sade is a death metal band from Central Florida. They have been together since 1992. Their demo _Beyond The Mind's Eye_ is their first release. The demo contains three songs, the first of which, "Beyond the Mind's Eye", starts off strong, and remains that way throughout the rest of the song, with both deep and high growling. This brings back memories of classic death metal but with a twist. Eterne De Sade have two vocal styles, a deep growling one and a higher, grinding growl. The two other songs are both of this same style. The sound quality is pretty good and the packaging of this demo is good as well. It comes with a color cover and lyrics. Speaking of lyrics, these ones deal with matters of the mind, diseases, false prophecies, and people such as Dr. "Death" Jack Kevorkian. Aside from their first demo, Eterne De Sade have also release a video documentary filmed in Central Florida called _Six Feet Under_ which was limited to 666 copies and has sold out. They also have T-shirts available. The band will be hitting the studio this summer for a possible mini CD or 7". If you are interested, you should REALLY check these guys out! They are a good band with lots of energy, and I think we need more bands like this out in the scene! _Beyond The Mind's Eye_ is available for $5US worldwide.

Contact: ETERNE DE SADE, c/o M. Alsup, PO Box 88

(article published 10/5/1996)

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