Porno - _Give Me a Pistol_
by: Alain M. Gaudrault (2 out of 5)
This is one of strangest demos I've heard in some time. The graphics and layout of the tape's packaging gives it a hardcore punk look. Even the lyrics, which touch on government oppression and the crooked corporate world, have a mildly hardcore flavour. The music, at first, doesn't come close, though. The first two tracks are grinding death, unrelentless, although not entirely original nor memorable. The third song takes a turn for the weird. "The Machine" sounds like Nirvana-wannabe so-called alternative music. Side B features more strangeness, starting off with "Soiled", an alternative rock song if I ever heard one, but with growling death vocals which are faint enough not to drown out the rest of the mix, while clean vocals are featured in the background. Porno go on to deliver more alternative/punk jams on "Incomplete", then making a switch back to the mediocre death/grind in "My Reward". The cassette ends with "Sheople", another grinding number with a few twists and turns that don't seem to lead anywhere quickly. Not a bad listen, and experimental to say the least, but not quite my cup of tea. Check it out if you're in the need for something different.

Contact: The Multi-National New World Disorder Core

(article published 10/5/1996)

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