Glutton - _Cruel, Disfigured_
by: Gino Filicetti (4 out of 5)
A strange band to say the least, Glutton's newest 6-track release showcases the fact that Glutton is unclassifiable. I received this demo with a cover letter warning that if I expected anything typical of this band to just burn the cassettes and carry on with my life. Glutton is "STRANGE METAL" according to their bio; "the product of four young men who met at a funeral and formed a band by the time the body was buried." Deep eh? So is the music contained on this demo. Very heavy and low-end guitar riffs dominate herein with a tempo that is slow at best. Vocals here are superb, a very distinctive type of spoken word distortion that manages to dig its way into one's memory. Thankfully, lyrics were included with this demo and many of the songs, although simplistic, manage to deliver their message; one of ultimate sorrow, depression, and surprisingly enough, love. Not your run-of-the-mill band here folks, I would definitely check these guys out.

Contact: GLUTTON, PO Box 56691, Harwood Heights, IL, 60656-0691

(article published 10/5/1996)

10/11/1996 G Filicetti 5 Glutton - She Was Beautiful
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