Diablo Brothers - _Twizted Harmony_
by: Gino Filicetti (3 out of 5)
The partnership that is at the core of Diablo Brothers was founded in 1987 when Rane and Marko met and started playing guitars. After forming other bands, they realized that they couldn't work with anyone but themselves. So, armed with a drum machine and some really low-tuned guitars, these dudes set out to create Diablo Brothers. The music on this demo is reminiscent of a lot of hardcore with some very solid metal influences thrown in. One example of that is the Fear Factory-type double-bass drum sound which comes across weak for the simple fact that a drum machine is producing the sound. The guitar work is VERY solid, and includes a lot of leads (thanks to Marko) and crushing rhythm sections (thanks to Rane). With a group made up of two guitar players, it's no wonder that this is the best aspect of the band, however, I believe that the absence of the two missing musicians can be noticeably felt. Vocals are another section that I think can be improved on. The problem here doesn't seem to be that these guys can't sing, it just seems that vocals have not been produced very clearly. The rest of the production however is quite clean except for a few glitches here and there, but the packaging for this demo needs some MAJOR improvements. There was no track listing anywhere to be found and it didn't come in a case (Well, it could be the band just sent me a dubbed copy). All in all, Diablo Brothers show promise as a new band and should really start looking to fill their vacant spots.

Contact: DIABLO BROTHERS, Sammonkatu 7 A 12

(article published 10/5/1996)

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