Burning Moon - _Eternal Darkness_
by: Adam Wasylyk (3 out of 5)
Formed from the breakup of a Toronto death metal band called Flesh Emperor, most of the band afterward got together and formed Burning Moon, a four-piece black metal band. On this demo, the music is very well played, but the production is unfortunately quite weak. At times, the vocals can become overpowered by the keyboards, and the guitars suffer the same fate as they did on Emperor's epic release _In the Nightside Eclipse_, becoming muddy and at times hard to hear. Despite these flaws, I give credit to the band, as in this 7-song effort, the music and talent is definitely there, especially with the keyboards as they are well played. With better production (which in this case would have earned them perhaps a five out of five), in the future the band can expect to reap the rewards.

Contact: BURNING MOON, c/o Aden Solowinski, 884 Queen St E, Apt. #1

(article published 10/5/1996)

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