Perpetua - _Irrational_
by: Gino Filicetti (not rated)
I'm confused. This tape has all the appearances of being a demo, no sign of any record label affiliation anywhere, so I'm reviewing it here. However, the bio states that Perpetua has been picked up by Pavement and that their previous efforts have been distributed by Relapse (US) and Napalm (Europe). WTF? Anyways, regardless of whether this tape is an indie or not, it rocks! The production of this demo is superb considering it was recorded, mixed and mastered in a scant 90 hours at Digiart Studios. The band themselves hail from Argentina, and show some of their South American background by including certain tribalistic sounds on their tape, much like the new Sepultura (however, let it be known that this demo was around first). The music has a very strong presence and power, and sounds a little too much like Fear Factory's _Demanufacture_. The vocals especially sound identical to Burton's "new found" vocal style, and the instrumentation has that slight industrial feel as well. Whether this fact makes you hate this tape or want to get it is up to you, but I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested.

Contact: PERPETUA, C.C. 4612, 1000 Correo Central

(article published 18/4/1996)

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