Within - _The Unaccepted_
by: Brian Meloon (not rated)
This is basically death metal, with a nice touch of melody. It's quite good, as it's technical and has enough variety and complexity to keep it interesting, and it doesn't really sound like a clone of anyone else. The production is muddy though, and the bass is mixed higher than usual, both of which hurt the overall effect. Musically, there aren't any real surprises, but no obvious shortcomings either. The vocals vary from a raspy death voice to a more guttural tone, and the music varies from slow to fast death metal, with frequent melodic interludes and an almost Maiden-esque quality to some of the music. The songs aren't too simplistic, and at times show some nice development, avoiding the thrown-together sound of some other bands. The guitar solos are a little sloppy, but not any worse than average. The last song is an acoustic outro with samples, so there really are only four songs here, but this is an impressive demo.

Contact: WITHIN, 565 Durand Blvd.

(article published 9/2/1996)

11/18/1996 B Meloon 4 Within - Bliss
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