Introspectre - _Buried Inside_
by: Alain M. Gaudrault (not rated)
I was quite highly anticipating the arrival of this full length independent release. Unfortunately, my expectations were set a bit too high. The cover art of the CD packaging was just the beginning of the growing disappointment that awaited. Introspectre play a form of mildly progressive power/speed metal, introducing various time changes and long, drawn out song arrangements. One look at the song credits show that this is likely the brainchild of vocalist/guitarist Rod Wadzinski. The first problem with _Buried Inside_ is the lack of memorable melodies, which is extremely important when playing a more melodically oriented style, unlike death metal which Introspectre is definitely not. The tracks feature the occasional half-decent riff, but the guitar leads are extremely weak, although this may be partly blamed on the mediocre production. My biggest beef of all, however, are the vocals. Being the creative focal point of the band, Wadzinski has also appointed himself vocalist, which serves only to further weaken the overall sound. With the odd growl thrown in here and there, Rod mostly speaks and (for lack of a better word) whines the lyrics over all but the final (instrumental) tracks. Introspectre will be going nowhere fast with these songs, and any future hope of success will require fresh vocals, leads ... and songs.

Contact: Introspectre Skeleton Crew

(article published 17/1/1996)

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