Crown of Thornz - _Train Yard Blues_
(Equal Vision, 1995)
by: Gino Filicetti (4 out of 10)
Sometimes I wonder how a ride on the bandwagon feels like? I mean, any smart person knows that the ride is going to end sooner or later, so what's the point getting on in the first place? The thing most bands fail to realize is that after the trip is over, you'll always end up farther from the top than when you started. Ok, now that I've had my chance to philosophize, it's time to review this CD. Not to be confused with the European band which appears on the Slayer tribute album: _Slaytanic Slaughter Vol. I_, Crown of Thornz are a New York, skinhead, wannabe Life of Agony hardcore band. The music here is typical, sub-standard New York hardcore punk. Nothing new, nothing particularily catchy. The vocals here aren't as annoying as most frantically screaming hardcore bands, but again, they fail to achieve any significance in my mind. The best song here is the groovable "Crown of Thorns" which at least contains semi-intelligent lyrics. Overall, this 20-minute EP isn't even worth a listen as the first five minutes pretty much spell out the rest of the album. Sorry guys, but the ride stops here.

(article published 14/3/1996)

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