Nox Intempesta - _Damnanus Dominus_
(Folter Records, 1998)
by: Aaron McKay (8 out of 10)
The four members of Germany's Nox Intempesta -- Coldstone (guitar), Thrann (guitar/vocals), Monastiir (bass), and Holocaust (drums) -- call their particular brand of musical conundrum "pure black/death metal adoration". I can go along with that. Blended well are the two styles that it (dare I say it?) creates, more-or-less, a sub-genre tailored to NI particularly. Original? Yes, in a lot of ways, but with regards to aggression and NI's brutal conveyance of their music, I would say it was typical. Typical with regard to the expectations a metal fan would come to have from a group hailing from the black and death metal realms. Integrated with a purposeful touch, NI also exhibits a fine understanding of layered sound and appropriate interludes. This is evidenced in a lot of ways on the song "Coldstone Sacrificial". Enthralling vocals that pour into the diverse and engrossing musical accompaniment like so much wet cement. I also find much more than a little enjoyment in the title, as well as the last track, "Speculum Spaghria Satana". Both are uncompromisingly relentless and crafted well as to make it difficult to decipher whether or not you have purchased a death or black metal album. If I had to cite a criticism of NI, it would have to be the style of writing on _DD_'s excellent packaging job. The font is hard to read and unclear to the eye not trained in forms of calligraphy. That said, what an infinitely small grip to mention in conjunction with such a fantastic release. I am thusly mighty impressed with NI's newest effort and with Folter Records for maintaining their ranks with a great band like Nox Intempesta.

(article published 1/10/1998)

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