Manegarm - _Nordstjarnans Tildsalder_
(Displeased Records, 1997)
by: Aaron McKay (10 out of 10)
I fuckin' love this! I, as a rule, play the particular disc that I am reviewing as I write to keep the release fresh in my mind and maintain the thoughts that I want to convey as close to the forefront of my memory as possible. On the second time through _Nordstjarnans Tildsalder_, I decided that I should begin to tell the CoC readers about what I am hearing. -Certainly- Swedish black metal, one cannot deny that, but much beyond that, everything becomes elusive. The music becomes as hard to define as the lyrics (in a foreign language, mind you) are for me to understand. I can't help but get personally charged in spirit by Manegarm. Whoever at Displeased signed this act had a stroke of sheer genius that day. Flawless -- and I do mean flawless -- black metal with a miraculous female vocalist, Vmer Mossige-Norheim (only used sparingly) and then, only in appropriate passages, affecting strong folk direction. These points are evidenced in the track "Vmer", of which I have trouble articulating its beauty. I could not be more satisfied with _NT_ if Manegarm came to me for advice on the release. I could talk Manegarm, and particularly _NT_, to death, but I could not give you even a fair working knowledge of what is going on even now, as I bathe in the acumen of such a gifted band. Truly taking the scene as their own; no holds barred. A spiritual union of souls comprise Manegarm's ranks: two guttural male vocalists, in addition to Vmer (one of the gentlemen also doubles as the drummer), two guitar scholars, and a bassist with "jewsharp" responsibilities. All this superiority manifesting itself as the album known as _NT_ -- plus it is a computer CD extra, too. If you are not familiar with Displeased Records ranks -- Sadist (hell yeah!), Cryptopsy, Infernal Majesty, etc. --, this CD extra by Displeased could be just what the doctor ordered. God knows Manegarm is the shot in the arm black metal needed! Needless to say, I'm impressed, Manegarm!

(article published 1/10/1998)

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