Comecon - _Fable Frolic_
(Century Media, 1995)
by: Alain M. Gaudrault (9 out of 10)
I think it's time fans of technical death metal discovered Comecon. The band is comprised of core members Pelle Strom and Rasmus Ekman (both performing guitar, bass, and keys), drummer Jonas Fredriksson, and guest vocalist Marc Grewe of Morgoth fame. Comecon previously released two albums which didn't garner much attention, despite the presence of vocalists L.G. Petrov (Entombed) and Martin Van Drunen (Pestilence, Asphyx). _Fable Frolic_ far surpasses both albums, showcasing the band's talents beautifully. Admittedly, I didn't think much of it upon first listen, but I mustn't have been paying attention, as this is a monstrous release. Don't let some of the song titles throw you off (eg. "Soft, Creamy Lather", "The Family Album", "Bovine Inspiration") as you'd be missing out on an excellent album with a myriad of textures, sometimes trippy, sometimes aggressive, always heavy, always impressive. I must add that Jonas' drumming is top notch, complementing the complex rhythms perfectly. A masterpiece in my eyes (and ears), well worth the purchase price.

(article published 14/3/1996)

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