Gorgoroth - _Destroyer (Or About How to Philosophize With a Hammer)_
(1998, 1998)
by: Aaron McKay (9 out of 10)
To be honest, I feel moderately inferior to jugde something as great as this release by Gorgoroth. _Destroyer_ completely knocked me on my ass! Powerful is sorely understating the effort. Crushing is nowhere near the mark. Searing is inadequate. All-encompassing is as close to summarizing _Destroyer_ as I could hope to come. I am finding it somewhat difficult to communicate my passion for this release. Seven tracks comprise _Destroyer_, beginning with "Destroyer", totaling thirty-seven minutes. I, quite frankly, thought that my CD player was malfunctioning due to the terror that ensued with the first moments of the title track. Pure concentrated ferocity! From there, the disc builds steadily in ardor until its highlights coming to a well placed finality. "Blodoffer", track six, stears one's thoughts and emotions down a jagged path of mortified hopelessness and unadulterated passion, sounding much like a battle raging while an underwater cannon attack demolishes the hull of a great battleship -- hence the destroyer motif is championed. On rare occasions invoking My Dying Bride images amidst the harsh backdrop that Gorgoroth's Norwegian black metal paints. Wonderfully hypnotic and certainly addictive as any drug ever could be. I can tell you this, _Destroyer_ will see much more than occasional spin in McKay's JVC disc player. As someone once said, "It is easier to philosophize with a hammer." Gorgoroth proves that beyond any doubt. Here's to the mighty Gorgoroth. Buy this!

(article published 1/9/1998)

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