Warhorse - _Warhorse_
(Burden of Being Records, 1998)
by: Adrian Bromley (8 out of 10)
It's incredible, with the amount of stuff that we receive -- most of the independent stuff being somewhat bland or repetitive --, that we are able to savage some great material from the heaps of stuff. But you do find gems, and Warhorse is one of them. Much like the other great indie release that I reviewed in this issue, Shellyz Raven, Massachusetts natives Warhorse are a truly powerful and heavy band. Labeling themselves as "psychedelic-doom-crust" (a pretty accurate take on their sound), Warhorse deliver the goods from the start on this five-song CD. From opener "I See" to closer "The End of", this East Coast trio (led by singer/guitarist Krista Van Guilder) lay the riffs on ultra-thick and create patterns of melodic heaviness with each song. Think Kyuss with a female singer and add doom and psychedelic sounds for good measure. Krista Van Guilder has got a really captivating voice, taking on a strained sound for the most part as she lets loose with those deadly, sludge-like riffs. The music, for the most part, doesn't really turn into a frenzied assault of fuzz and sludge; it maintains a rather sedated sound throughout this five-song release. Cool pot smokin', kick back kind of music for us to take in. This'll make a good addition next to your Kyuss and Monster Magnet CDs.

Contact: Warhorse, P.O. Box 673 Worcester, MA 01602, USA

(article published 1/9/1998)

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