Clotted Symmetrical Sexual Organ - _Nagro Lauxes VIII_
(Morbid/Sepulture Prod., 1996)
by: Adrian Bromley (7 out of 10)
Halfway through this album by Japan's CSSO, a rather calm sampled male voice says, 'Listen to this if you dare all of you who think that you know what grind is.' The statement seems rather important as it kind of edges us to continue on into their world of grindcore, satire and humor. But do we want to continue on? I can't decide. Not the most enjoyable thing to slap on and hear, but there is a sure sign of excitement when listening to CSSO's album as it goes from chaotic noisebashing to grindcore, and back to sampled segments from movies, etc. Call them the Japanese equivalent of Penn. State noise rebels Exit-13. The similarities between both bands is scary. Along with noises and other odd bits, you have 80's riffs, melodic beats, screams of anger, and a shitload of grindcore heaviness. Truly unimaginable until you hear it. Fans of Exit-13, take note because these guys are just as fucked up. Not really having a favorite number, I must insist that tracks like "Rolling The Zen", "A Trigonometrical Of Mokuba", "Bara Bara Man", and "Perversion" be cranked loud. Word of caution: If you don't dig the record by "Very Very Blue Belly", don't even bother listening to the rest of it.

(article published 9/2/1996)

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