Aube - _Pages From the Book_
(E+J Recordings, 1998)
by: Gabriel Sanchez (7 out of 10)
When there is a month in the year without an Aube release, I predict it is a sure-fire sign the world is coming to an end. Despite this recording being several months old, unlike much of Aube's recent output, it holds a special place in my heart as one of the truly masterful and unique pieces Akifumi Nakajima has produced since Alien8's 1997 release Cardiac Strain. Instead of choosing the usual use of metallic objects for his source sound, Akifumi Nakajima has truly gone out on a limb to entice new listeners and possibly make others very angry. And what, you may ask, could do just that? Why, none other than that glorious motel mantle piece placed there by some guy named Gideon, known quite well as The Bible. For whatever reason, Aube has decided to throw aside all convention and add an aesthetic touch to his noise by using this once revered, now made chic to scoff book which is the foundation for the world encompassing theology of Christianity. Akifumi could have just as easily used a phone book to produce the sounds heard on this recording; however, the "Biblical" touch serves to raise a lot more eye brows than a directory of last names and how to contact them. Despite claims made by the label stating otherwise, each of the four lengthy tracks are tied together by a distinct ripping sound which, if you are to believe the liner notes, were produced by The Bible. The label maintains (and this may very well be true) that they were made by rubbing the pages together, however this proves worlds less interesting than a new-fashioned Bible ripping in order to produce a noise composition. Whatever the actual sound may be, it does remain a constant in every track, surrounded only by subtle rumbles and surrealistic whirls of sound used to augment the "ripping". At certain points, the "ripping" sound becomes the main focus, with multiple "rips" churning in and out of the speaker channels, while at others they seem to blend in and out of the rest of the disorderly sounds found on the disc. In the end, one may be inclined to wonder if this disc is worth it more for what the source sound is than the actual noise produced. And, in the end, I am forced to admit that, while the tracks easily stand up with the best of Aube's work, at least half of the interest comes from the source sound used. Perhaps this is not the most logical way to purchase a noise album or bill it; however, it is likely to sell many more a copy than something as drab as a phone book or a tin can for a source sound. If anything, this release can be used to argue that (love it or hate it), The Bible (or just the name) still holds some power and, if anything, Akifumi and E+J Recordings should be credited with having enough sense to utilize it.

Contact: E+J Recordings, PO Box 230316, Grand Rapids, MI, 49523, USA

(article published 1/9/1998)

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