Deströyer 666 - _Violence Is the Prince of the World_
(Cargo Records, 1995)
by: Adrian Bromley (4 out of 10)
Few bands nowadays really, really impress me. They've got to have music that is mindbending and riffage to kill (i.e the new Sepultura or Meshuggah's _Destroy Improve Erase_). Strong songs that in particular can be seen as heavy material, despite any preconceived notions of heavy metal. Not the case for Destroyer 666, a band with a strong name, but little else with their metallic dribbling, deathish screams/chants and overplayed theatrics of _VItPotW_. Bored out of my skull midway through, I found that this act has no backbone, no real edge over the hundreds of bands flooding the market. They sound like a weak imitation of Carcass, and in my books if you try to rip THAT band off, you've got to do it well. Seven tracks that really don't pull together much of an album.

(article published 9/2/1996)

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