A Canorous Quintet - _The Only Pure Hate_
(No Fashion, 1998)
by: Pedro Azevedo (8 out of 10)
This is one of those bands that surely won't be seen as innovators, but who do know what they're doing and are very good at it. ACQ had made a fine debut album, and managed to create a follow-up of perhaps equal quality. The main changes may be explained by the new studio: while their more melodic debut _Silence of the World Beyond_ was recorded in Peter Tagtgren's Abyss studio, _The Only Pure Hate_ came out of the Sunlight studio. As a result, their sound is harsher and not as sharp and melodic as before, the result at times bringing to mind a mix between their debut and some of the characteristics of At the Gates' ripping _Slaughter of the Soul_. As in _Silence of the World Beyond_, ACQ are remarkably good at keeping the minimum quality level quite high throughout the album, ensuring that every track has something good to offer. Just like before, they do achieve several memorable moments of Swedish melodic death metal. Not much of an original album, but one that, like ACQ's debut, shouldn't be missed by anyone who likes good Swedish metal.

(article published 1/9/1998)

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