Thine - _A Town Like This_
(Peaceville, 1998)
by: Pedro Azevedo (8 out of 10)
Sure, I've reviewed some albums that weren't easy to describe in the past, but I can't remember one that defied description as much as Thine's debut full-length does. Shall I try? Occasional slight scent of Arcturus' _La Masquerade Infernale_ (no reason why I mentioned it first, though), some Nick Cave here and there (I guess their _Peaceville X_ cover wasn't just a coincidence), some doomy metal bits, -plenty- of non-metal influences almost everywhere... and that only starts to describe it. Overall, Thine don't sound specifically like anything I know. Most tracks are seven to eight minutes long, featuring mostly unpredictable structures, with some old-style rocking sections (start of "Miss Grey", "Sonic Showmen"), some strange interludes (end of "This Town", middle of "My Song", "Here Tonight") and even a combination of both (start of "Pianomen"). Most of the weirdness the band has inserted does ruin the atmosphere, in my opinion, but with such tracks as "Re-animate the Masque" and especially "Feathers & Roses", and the high average quality of all these longer songs, there is plenty of quality material here -- especially due to the excellent instrumental performance. All put together, and despite a few interludes that don't suit my taste at all, Thine have produced a very interesting and certainly original debut.

(article published 8/7/1998)

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