Evemaster - _Lacrimae Mundi_
(KTOK Records, 1998)
by: Pedro Azevedo (8 out of 10)
Having read this album's title, _Lacrimae Mundi_, I expected to find some sort of doom metal. (I think the title can be translated into "world of tears", or something similar.) Instead, this turned out to be a good piece of melodic blackened metal with keyboards and a strong Swedish influence (even though Evemaster are Finnish). Still, there's quite a few doomy melodies in several songs, and the anguished black vocals contribute for such an atmosphere as well; plus, the last track, "Equinox Nocturne", is indeed black/doom (even though it also includes some clean vocals) -- and very good, too. Nevertheless, doom is by no means the dominating style here -- most of the music is fast and based upon catchy riffs and melodies, reminding me a bit of Ablaze My Sorrow's _If Emotions Still Burn_. The first three tracks are remarkably good, and the rest of the album doesn't let down as it leads to the doomy final track I mentioned, which closes the album very well. Evemaster's style isn't exactly very original, but that's something common enough to go nearly unnoticed these days, and _Lacrimae Mundi_ is quite a good album.

Contact: jarno_taskula@hotmail.com

(article published 8/7/1998)

9/1/1998 P Azevedo Evemaster: Finnish Fire
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