Children of Bodom - _Something Wild_
(Spinefarm, 1998)
by: Brian Meloon (8 out of 10)
Like Ebony Tears, Children of Bodom start with the Gothenburg sound and add some outside influences. In this case, the dominant outside influence is neo-classical/symphonic metal. Valid comparisons to make include Bal Sagoth [see CoC #31], Angra, Helloween, Malmsteen, and even Nocturnus. There is plenty of classical (baroque) influence in both the guitar work and the keyboards. The music is much more technical than most others in the In Flames camp, and the interplay between the guitars and the keyboards is impressive, recalling the glory days of Nocturnus. The guitar work is very well done, if a little derivative. The keyboards are also very good, showing a good range of tones and styles. They are featured prominently in the music: a background instrument no doubt, but still very important in the overall scheme of things. Other than the lame hardcore-like vocals in the third track, this is a solid, impressive effort, and should appeal to those who like neo-classical or symphonic metal and are tired of the stagnant idiom known as the Gothenburg sound.

(article published 8/7/1998)

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