Novembers Doom - _For Every Leaf that Falls_
(Independent, 1998)
by: Pedro Azevedo (8 out of 10)
Lovelorn, emotional doom/death of very high quality on this MCD. Novembers Doom show very substantial improvements in their music relatively to _Amid its Hallowed Mirth_: _For Every Leaf that Falls_ mixes fine doom melodies with remarkably crunching riffs, and adds very good vocal and instrumental performances and excellent production. I might mention that the music shows traces of early Anathema and My Dying Bride; but those really are just traces now, since Novembers Doom have reached a sound that seems to be much more their own. Some nice occasional female chanting contrasts with the death vox, slow guitars and occasional stronger riffs -- all this is really well served by Novembers Doom, thus forming a very strong MCD indeed. Add to all this the good lyrics and the emotions contained in the music, and what you have is one of those -good- MCDs: the kind that makes you feel like your money was well spent, unlike most MCDs out there, which have very little value for money. This is thoroughly enjoyable tragic doom/death, of consistently high quality throughout the twenty minutes of this MCD. _For Every Leaf that Falls_ shows all the quality needed to turn the promise of a future excellent full-length from this band into an expectable reality.

(article published 7/6/1998)

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