Ghostorm - _Frozen In Fire_
(Black Mark, 1996)
by: Adrian Bromley (6 out of 10)
Metal is metal no matter where you hail from. As long as you are part of a metal scene, be it small or large, the music still survives. Case in point, Lithuania's Ghostorm. Comprised of a very deep-rooted metal sound and direction, Lithuania's metallic pride and joy carry their music well. Standard riffs and growls surround the music within their raw but crisp debut effort, _Frozen In Fire_ (produced by Edge Of Sanity main man Dan Swano). Seems as though Swano saw something in the music of this band and demanded that he produce their debut - good choice Dan! What we find in _Frozen In Fire_ is a somewhat generic metal element in the make-up of the songs, as well as a definite Napalm Death influence with respect to their vocal style. Generic death metal it may be, but the obvious brutal influences of the past few years (Carcass, Entombed, Brutal Truth) are evident here as well. Tracks like "There", "Frost", and "Come Back" are standouts on this release. Brutal music proves to have no boundaries (speaking geographically, that is) with this timely release by Ghostorm. Stellar production by Swano is the album's key asset.

(article published 9/2/1996)

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