Monster Magnet - _Powertrip_
(A&M, 1998)
by: Adrian Bromley (9 out of 10)
The return was inevitable. Like we could get rid of Dave Wyndorf and his merry band of stoners. Break out the joints people, "Space Lord" Wyndorf has returned with his best work since _Superjudge_ with their latest cosmic crusade _Powertrip_. After the success of the very commercial sounding, but excellent record _Dopes to Infinity_ (1995), I was kind of skeptical to where Wyndorf and crew would take the music of Monster Magnet. CoC head honcho Gino Filicetti worships their earlier efforts _Superjudge_ (1993) and _Spine Of God_ (1991), like myself, because those records captured a renegade assault to our senses through experimentive music and excessive amounts of drug use. Both those records brought forth the unique talents of Wyndorf as a storyteller, leading us like school kids through his jaded and fucked up world of reality and mind searching. While _DtI_ had that kind of story tellin' feature, it lacked a real uneasy coat of rawness and dysfunctional state of mind. It was too clean for the most part. Onto 1998 and Wyndorf's longtime coming epic _Powertrip_. Smokin' opener "Crop Circle" starts this cosmic leap of complexity and downright groovy mode of deliverance. Strong riffs and abstract visions of love, life and drug use (courtesy of numbers like "Temple of Your Dreams", "19 Witches" and "Tractor") manhandle the sonic grooves of Monster Magnet, coating them with vices of the unlawful variety that peck at our minds. This is one of those records that signifies an accomplishment in a band. Achieving a status of creativity utopia where all seems to be flowing properly and symbolizing true craftsmanship. While I'm sure Wyndorf and Co. have years more music to write, _Powertrip_ is a worthy collection of numbers that shine like there is no tomorrow. And Wyndorf's lyrics? Totally out there.

(article published 7/6/1998)

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