EverEve - _Stormbirds_
(Nuclear Blast, 1998)
by: Pedro Azevedo (9 out of 10)
EverEve's superb debut _Seasons_ told, through intelligent lyrics and music, a tale that went from despair to hope and back to desolation. _Seasons_, as you can read in CoC #20 (in a review I entirely agree with), showed a highly talented blend of doom, gothic and metal elements. It has outstanding doom moments, top notch metallic qualities and occasional gothic touches that actually fit the music. Fortunately, _Stormbirds_ is a worthy sequel to that excellent album. It remains clear that every member of EverEve contributes to the overall result and every instrument again manages to sound just how it should, considering what EverEve create. I was somewhat apprehensive about the direction EverEve would choose. However, the introductory narration says we are about to enter a realm of "much prouder but nevertheless even sadder creatures" than the crows chosen to represent the inevitable Winter found on _Seasons_ -- promising. And as the band opens the album with "Fields of Ashes", it becomes clear from the very first few seconds of it that _Stormbirds_ can be as great as _Seasons_. And, in fact, even if this turns out to be the album's best song, only "Universe" (towards the end) falls noticeably below the high average quality. The songs, most of which are linked together, are anything but predictable: this is one varied album, and it features some faster parts and perhaps not as much doom as _Seasons_. (Still plenty of blackened vox, as the vocal balance didn't change much.) EverEve continue to experiment in every track, be it the seven "normal" songs, the short and very romantic "Dedications", the over four minute long "Spleen" (excellent grand piano and French narration) or the strange "Valse Bizarre". So, EverEve have done it again. _Seasons_ still stands as my favorite, perhaps mostly because it's doomier, but _Stormbirds_ confirms that EverEve are one of those bands that have remarkable musical equilibrium and shows that they haven't lost their direction.

(article published 7/6/1998)

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