Acid Death - _Pieces of Mankind_
(Metal Mad Music, 1997)
by: Pedro Azevedo (6 out of 10)
From Greece arrives Acid Death, showing some interesting technical thrash on their debut full-length album _Pieces of Mankind_, the follow-up to their 1994 split LP with Spanish death metal act Avulsed. Not much thrashing actually happens here, though, as things are mostly mid-paced, with plenty of strange tempos and nice interludes. Strange tempos, however, are more easily thrown in than made effective and interesting. Acid Death sometimes make them work, but they often get in the way of better sequences. Indeed, _PoM_ has some good passages (especially on "While the End Is Coming"), but the problem is that they never last for long and seldom have much continuity -- they are frequently broken by the band's attempts at the exquisite tempos I mentioned or simply by unremarkable parts. Nevertheless, this is a varied album that shows talent and plenty of creativity, even if it isn't very focused.

Contact: Acid Death, P.O. Box 31902, GR 10035, Athens, Greece

(article published 7/6/1998)

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