W.A.S.P. - _Double Live Assassins_
(CMC, 1998)
by: Adrian Bromley (8 out of 10)
What a great double-live record. This record captures the purity and rawness of one of metal's most worshipped bands: W.A.S.P. Aside from the industrial-tinged material from their last effort _Kill Fuck Die_ scattered throughout this release (after all this was recorded during the _KFD_ album tour), the remainder of the material is vintage W.A.S.P. and bone-crushing. Hate-filled and angst-ridden, singer Blackie Lawless delivers solid performances with each number. His voice radiates a uniqueness unmatched by any singer today. Dark, broody emotions flow from this live scenario, painting an image of pure evil, an evil unmatched even by ten Marilyn Manson performances combined against one W.A.S.P. show. This is evil, Mr. Manson. The adrenaline is pumping and this is one hell of a ride. Classic cuts like "Wild Child", "The Idol", "The Headless Children" and "Chainsaw Charlie" never sounded so ruthless. Great production and a great performance by W.A.S.P. in the end.

(article published 13/4/1998)

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