Disfear - _Everyday Slaughter_
(Kron-H, 1997)
by: Henry Akeley (9 out of 10)
Had I obtained this record much sooner, I probably would never have gotten into my current habit of drinking five or six cups of strong coffee every day. This 27-minute platter of utterly raging crust provides an even better jolt, and it won't stain my teeth or give me murky, brewed-bean breath! On the other hand, I doubt this is going to be very good for my tinnitus, but oh well. These days I come across very few new records that I end up wanting to crank through many repeated plays, but this is one such disk, absolutely. Of course, it's Dis-core all the way, and these guys never really deviate from the formula -- but this is such a masterpiece of sonic abrasion and barely-controlled rage that my usual carping about originality and whatnot shall hereby take a back seat to the declaration that in my opinion this CD totally rules. (By the way, it's also my opinion that these guys totally outperform similar acts like Disgust and Dischange.) The rhythm section rumbles mightily along like some nuclear-powered, mutant Motorhead; loud, crusty guitars crank out some killer hammer-and-scour riffs; angry vox spew corrosive bile all over our century's rampaging militarism and police state mentality. (Personally, I prefer this kind of lyrical criticism to the typical defamatory screaming about other people's religious beliefs -- but to each his own.) Were my brain a geiger counter, it would certainly crackle like crazy when exposed to the energy unleashed by this band. It's not the most varied or demanding style, but these guys rip it up with incredible power and conviction, and the CD's bright, caustic production is excellent too. Recommended.

(article published 13/4/1998)

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