Nebula - _Let It Burn_
(Tee Pee Records, 1998)
by: Zena Tsarfin (7 out of 10)
Nebula's relationship to Fu Manchu is what Slo Burn's was to Kyuss: a carbon-copy of the original unit they were spawned from. Featuring ex-Fu members Eddie Glass and Ruben Romano, plus bassist Mark Abshire, the band pummels through six stoner rockin', dirty-guitar riff wailing and garage-esque ditties that are guaranteed to get Fu Manchu and Clutch fans' heads bopping along after leaning back from a hearty bong hit. Perhaps the biggest similarity between Fu and Nebula is Glass' vocal performance, which mimics Scott Hill's drawl significantly with its echo effect. Despite my abhorrence for blatant -- not to mention overtly executed -- ripoffs, I am a Fu fan, and inasmuch found some redemption in this EP, particularly in "Vulcan Bomber" and the title track.

(article published 10/3/1998)

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