Maeror Tri - _Emotional Engramm_
(Iris Light, 1997)
by: Andrew Lewandowski (9 out of 10)
Once one of the most potent and distinctive ambient groups, Maeror Tri has broken up, and _EE_ captures their dying breathes. While it contains more movement and a greater variety of soundscapes than much of their previous output, _EE_ retains the desolate, melody-based aesthetic characteristic of the MT sound. Former MT albums -- particularly _Mort Aux Vaches_, my favorite -- could delude the apathetic listener into believing that the music was sterile or static, but _EE_'s chaos is explicit and inexorable. Although this album rarely attains the vicious climaxes produced by the buildups with which MT can enthrall the listener, MT's soundscapes still disconcert and, in fact, are more imaginative than ever. As their final effort proves, MT, one of the few ambient artists by whom everyone should own at least one album, has proven that they disintegrated at the height of their talent.

(article published 10/3/1998)

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