Lux Occulta - _Dionysos_
(Pagan Records, 1997)
by: Pedro Azevedo (9 out of 10)
After having impressed me with their _Forever Alone. Immortal._ [CoC #18], Lux Occulta have now released another brilliant piece of epic, doomy, symphonic black metal. Changes in the balance between desolation and grandeur have occurred, though, as some of the doom has been forsaken in exchange for more rapturous symphonies that often reach excellent quality (as before) and elevation levels. Perhaps an increase in pace has happened as well, but this doesn't mean that _Dionysos_ is more of a 'pure' black metal album than its mostly mid-paced predecessor; as a matter of fact, perhaps the opposite is actually true, due to the greater rawness of _FA.I._. Ultimately, though, Lux Occulta have kept the basis of their own distinctive style (whatever name should it have) intact, all changes having been of superficial nature. Perhaps the most significant changes occurred outside the musical domain, concerning the graphical and lyrical direction. Even though both have again been well taken care of, I'm not especially fond of their new subjects (especially when compared to those in _Forever Alone. Immortal._). The production is much better in _Dionysos_, resulting in a far stronger sound, and the guitar work is also better than usual in most keyboard-based black metal albums. Like in _FA.I._, Lux Occulta have done an outstanding triumphant ending for this album, which is indeed full of highlights.

(article published 10/3/1998)

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