The Everdawn - _Poems - Burn the Past_
(Metal Blade, 1998)
by: Drew Snow (5 out of 10)
Licensed from Germany's Invasion Records by Metal Blade, The Everdawn's debut full length album _Poems - Burn the Past_ is a pretty thorough rip-off of the final two At The Gates releases, _Terminal Spirit Disease_ and _Slaughter of the Soul_. Similar mix of death, speed, and melody, same screamed vocals, same drum patterns -- The Everdawn have concocted an album virtually vacant of any sense of originality whatsoever. Plus, it's not even a particularly -good- rip-off; whereas Lindberg's vocals were an acquired taste, they were still a perfect match and totally satisfying; The Everdawn's are obviously strained and overproduced. Add this sad fact to other musical caveats, and you've got an all-around disappointing effort. As such, it's very difficult to swallow paying good money for _PBtP_ when you've got a vastly superior alternative in either _TSD_ or the now almost classic _SoTS_.

(article published 10/3/1998)

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