Enthroned - _Thy Flesh Consumed_
(Lion Records, 1996)
by: Gino Filicetti (8 out of 10)
To our long-time readers, the name Enthroned should ring a bell (and is not to be confused with the black metal band of the same name). They have been featured in Chronicles of Chaos with a demo review in issue #1, and an Independent Interrogation in issue #2. Now, after being signed to Lion Records as a direct result of their brilliant last demo _Absence of Life_, Enthroned have just finished recording their debut label recording, _Thy Flesh Consumed_. This album consists of three new songs, 'Liquefied,' 'Immortal Hate,' and 'Lord of Worms.' As well, there are three songs from their demo, _Gears_, and the rest are 5 remastered versions of songs from _Absence of Life_. Since we last encountered the band, they have undergone somewhat of an overhaul. Their old throat, Lyle Esterkyn, has now retired from singing because of nodules on his vocal cords, and has added the much needed new dimension of keyboards to the band. Their vocalist for this album is David Cohen who decided to take time out from his full time band, Spider Soup, to help the guys in their time of need. As for the music on this release, I can safely say that it is quite easy to pick out the new songs from the old as Enthroned have matured greatly in the time since their last demo. Blast beats abound throughout the tape, and the band still maintains its thrashy death roots. Guitar playing on this tape is incredible as always and is the main reason why this recording garnered an 8 out of 10. I think the keyboard additions are a much needed breather from what would otherwise have been repetitive death metal genericism. One beef I have about this album is its length. Even though it's not more than an hour of music, it seems just a tad too lengthy. I would have more enjoyed the music had it been shorter. Nonetheless, an album worth checking out.

Contact: ENTHRONED, c/o John Oster, 909 Alvarado Av #22

(article published 17/1/1996)

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