The Ugly - _Decreation_
(ViciSolum Records, 2015)
by: Chaim Drishner (9 out of 10)
What a ride! What a fucking ride! The Ugly are the new trumpets of destruction, the novel hammers of defiance. Such a hate-filled and sordid album, where both music and lyrics are a knife, a sonic knife, could only be achieved by a generation that has either lost it all, has nothing to lose and doesn't care anymore, or one whose dreams have all turned into shit and dust -- like this generation, the one these musicians belong to, comprised of desensitized, disillusioned, heart-broken, empty, angry young men; so angry.

Some would call _Decreation_ a death metal album with some melodic leanings and black metal orientation. Some would immediately capture the distinctive war / black metal sound, and some would dismiss it as a mere black / death metal album. The truth is this album is all of the above, and much, much more. Originated in Stockholm, Sweden, The Ugly sound like the meeting place for all the crazy, bad-ass, most violent metal bands out there: Impaled Nazarene, Immortal, Sammath, A Canorous Quintet, only outdoing them in the fundamental chaos, hostility and animosity emanated -- and in the core of this album chaos, hostility and animosity reign supreme, co-exist in perfect harmony and in multitude.

_Decreation_ is the black heart of the world; the dark desire of a generation of suicidal / homicidal zombies who debate over whose smartphone is better while the world is crumbling down around them. Only such a dispassionate generation could backfire and give birth to such hatred, manifested through these godless, demonic, iconoclastic sounds comprising this abomination of an album.

A death-wish upon mankind, the extremely sharp and vivid production is like the ripper's blade plowing the soul of the world, harvesting whatever gleams of hope the fools have still dared to foster. You know death when you see it. Can you know death when you hear it? _Decreation_ is death incarnate, resurrected by electric guitars, a growler / screecher and a set of drums. You think this is an easy task? How many bands do you know out there whose music actually sounds like death? Not the cartoonish death, but a state of mind in which you are completely hopeless (which is worse than death)? _Decreation_ accomplishes that task. It is the sound of hopelessness, desperation, helplessness; a tale of abandonment, celebrating acute hatred toward the established religions and the folly of mankind, and it leaves no option of rehabilitation; it does leave behind scorched earth, barren land and no chance of resurrection for a species of talking monkeys.

"I Am Death", declares the opening track. "I am death, bringer of the end" they say, and they are absolutely correct. The last line of that same song says: "This is the end, welcome to hell". And again, the band couldn't have been more correct. Played with a vehemence of a wild, wounded beast, blind fury of a hurricane and the speed of a snake's bite, the atmosphere created is caustic, acidic and hostile to the core. The landscape these Swedes are portraying is not of fairytale goblins and other good-looking creatures, but of a final, global, mushroom-shaped holocaust, and The Ugly make that ugly scene more vivid and horrific than what most bands out there are capable of.

Equipped with a heightened sense of melody, this facet of The Ugly is realized through every track and is quite clearly evident from the huge riffs of epic proportions the band play; never chaotic, never dissonant or unintelligibly noisy, this band write epic songs, a mix of Immortal's speed and best moments of colossal riffage (_At the Heart of Winter_ era), with the transcending melodic capabilities of A Canorous Quintet (_Silence of the World Beyond_ era). To spice things up a notch they occasionally slow down to deliver a blow after a blow of dark and ominous array of riffs and sinister soundscapes that render the music even more interesting and depraved.

Anyone who loves his metal barbaric yet classy, having an excellent production and superb songs of loathing and destruction, must, simply must listen to this album.

" Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." (Robert Oppenheimer)


(article published 8/7/2015)

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