Acumen Nation - _More Human Heart_
(Conscience Records, 1997)
by: Adrian Bromley (7 out of 10)
I was really surprised how much I got into this record. Not an overall great record, but the techno/electronic sound over the sharp stop n' start riffs are a nice coupling and make it more than just an average listen. Matching the nice electronic blend are some sinister snarls and melodic vocal styles (very similar to the style of, say, Marilyn Manson or My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult) that rise and fall with the music's momentum. A dark eerieness engulfs the music for the most part, as we are taken through a rough ride of blending rock/metal sounds. Think Bowie, though heavier but equally as trippy as the 'Thin White Duke' displays in his music. Obvious influences of the industrial and metal genre fall into place here and AN really seem to have the heart and soul in trying to make their music not only come off appealing but also original in its own right. Fans of techno-driven metal may want to search this out. Standouts include "Cancerine" and "Fuck Yer Brains Out".

Contact: ACUMEN NATION, 7 W. 22nd St. New York, New York USA 100010

(article published 1/1/1998)

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