Doomed - _Our Ruin Silhouettes_
(Solitude Productions, 2014)
by: Mark Dolson (9 out of 10)
Doomed, hailing from Saxony, Germany, have released another great addition to the sub-genre known as doom/death metal -- a personal favourite of mine. Standing proudly alongside titanic heavyweights such as Officium Triste, Maleficium, Mournful Congregation, Novembers Doom, Winter, old Anathema, old My Dying Bride, etc., Doomed know their craft well, and have captivated my attention since their 2012 debut, _The Ancient Path_. The band's particular approach to gloomy, desperate moods, and the oftentimes unpredictable sonic landscapes they give rise to are what I'm always looking for in a doom/death album.

Though some of the elements found on _Our Ruin Silhouettes_ are common to the sub-genre (low guttural vocals; heavy guitars and bass; dolorous and occasionally melodic riffs; and drum beats which match the heaviness of a Neanderthal's lumbering gait) Doomed offer something a little different to doom/death fans. As difficult as it is to bridge the gap between the emotional resonance of music and words (it always takes a very strange form of translation to do so), I'll make an attempt. There's a strangely calming, heavy serenity about _Our Ruin Silhouettes_. Was this last statement somewhat oxymoronic? Yes. How could something be calming, serene yet heavy? Well, it all comes about -- with Doomed anyway -- in a trademark play of contrasts featured in every song.

There's a certain resident heaviness to the guitar tone on _Our Ruin Silhouettes_, and it's accompanied by a very clear, very heavy bass guitar tone, too. They go together really well, and I love the sound. However, this is all offset perfectly with a lilting, wavering and eerie clean guitar sound which follows -- rather in a ghostly way -- its own complementary path between the emotional dips and rises of each riff. This is what adds originality to Doomed's sound for sure. The one thing that I found to be really different with _Our Ruin Silhouettes_ compared to the previous two albums was the introduction of a blast-beat on the song "The Last Meal". This is an aggressive beast which seems to snare the listener into an uncomfortable grip before it lets go and gives way to a slow-paced and mournful doom song.

If you're into doom/death metal, then listen to _Our Ruin Silhouettes_; and if you like it, support the band in any way you can. Oh, did I mention that each Doomed album was written, arranged and performed by Pierre Laube himself? If you've lucky enough (and if you live in the EU), you might even catch the band playing live -- with session musicians, of course.


(article published 15/5/2014)

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