Vintersemestre - _Jaaverisaatana_
(MMI/Sepulture Prod., 1995)
by: Gino Filicetti (6 out of 10)
Writing a review without a band bio is definitely a feat in itself, one that I am not always happy to have to accomplish, however in this case, Vintersemestre chose to remain anonymous in the face of losing credibility. All that is known to this reviewer is that the band is comprised of prominent members of the Scandinavian black metal scene. This album (or should I say EP for it is barely 19 minutes long) starts off with a track entitled 'Those Tears of Lilith.' The song is a very slow, beautiful acoustic piece which shortly gives way to the next track, 'Firedance,' a track which sets precedence for the rest of the album. The vocals are of the usual agonizingly painful black metal screeches, however they are somewhat distorted and faded into the background. The music seems to be generic black metal pseudo-distortion disguised as guitars. The music also has a very medieval feel to it. Most of the songs here do absolutely nothing for me except, 'The Wisdom of Usuluh (Veri),' which I think is by far the best track, mainly because it breaks away from the generic sound with a slow-paced middle section full of chimes and ringing bells. Not the best album if you are looking to get into the black metal scene, but if you are of the adamant, ferocious type black fan, maybe you should check it out.

Contact: Sepulture Productions, PO Box 30624, Oshawa, Ont.

(article published 17/1/1996)

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