Wine From Tears - _Glad to Be Dead_
(BadMoodMan Music, 2013)
by: Chaim Drishner (1.5 out of 10)
No one's glad to be dead, and if you're dead -- you are just that: dead! This absurdity / paradox of an album title makes as much sense as offering yet another Russian gothic / romantic saccharin-sweet "doom/death" metal album to the masses, the likes of which are dime-a-dozen, and which, by no means, serves as either the bearer of a new message, or the bearer of any message whatsoever.

Friendly and life-affirming music (contrary to the album's title), _Glad to Be Dead_ walks the line of rock / metal of the typically Solitude Productions' broken-hearted without being genuinely heart-broken or grief-stricken.

Infinitely forgettable latter-day Katatonia and lightweight metallic simplicity galore embodied in an unsuccessful admixture, this album is a big no-no for any doom fanatic out there, a statistic in a series of failures in the doom/death department courtesy of Solitude et al., together with the latest Revelations of Rain and When Nothing Remains, a label that has back to back released some supreme masterpieces alongside these aforementioned failures; an album that is a crash course in doom 101, chapter 4, titled: "How you -don't- write and play quality doom metal".

Go on and read that chapter, as it says everything there is to know about the ways with which one can kill doom metal; or alternatively, go and listen to this dull, familiar, apologetic recording that's a poor excuse of a metal album.


(article published 2/3/2014)

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