Alternine - _2.0_
(Independent, 2013)
by: Chaim Drishner (7.5 out of 10)
Wonderful French female-fronted rock band Alternine have now finally recorded their second short album, a successor to their excellent 2008 self-titled debut. Still a very good The Gathering rip-off for those who would like to hear the latter play with zest and colorful, warm, silky and robust guitar sound, progressive leanings and metallic dynamics, fronted by a multifaceted and charismatic female singer, a gifted girl by the name of Laëtitia Jehanno, who roams upon the scale from the aforementioned The Gathering's Anneke van Giersbergen vocal type to Bjork, with a touch of angst and anger; a voice as clear and shiny as a polished diamond with some rough edges.

The music is vivid and almost epic, pushed forward effortlessly by a strong rock / metal ensemble and the soaring voice of Ms. Jehanno; the five-song recording oscillates between touches of progressive rock (think Rush) to shoegaze rock and some lightweight metal of the ultra melodic kind; the songs are well written and always interesting and engaging, not only in their clever structuring but also in the multitude of highs and lows every tracks offers in terms of ever changing sentiments, vocal treatments and a plethora of effects every track offers -- what ultimately results in a smooth and enjoyable recording with a perfect, velvety yet raucous production and beautiful tunes.

I found myself pushing the play button again and again and yet again due to the fact the short recording finishes in a heartbeat, and time and again did I want to hear those mesmerizing rock compositions coupled with the hypnotic voice of the very talented Laëtitia Jehanno.

Remember the name, both of the singer and the band she fronts, Alternine; Great things await this group. I only wish we won't have to wait another six years for the group's next musical offering.


(article published 2/3/2014)

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