Aevangelist - _Omen Ex Simulacra_
(Debemur Morti Productions, 2013)
by: Dan Lake (8.5 out of 10)
Abstract death duo Ævangelist brew that abyssal (heh) metal so dense it'll bore substring wormholes then plunge you through the portal (heh). Their nebulous grinding will peel you to bits, one mitochondrion (heh) at a time. Catchin' my drift? I'm saying these Yanks forge their molten steel so freaky they could be Australian, British or even (gulp) Canadian! This gristled hate-stew could have been released by Profound Lore!

But it ain't. Ævangelist first slithered out of their barbarous hellscape homeworld with debut record _De Masticatione Mortuorum in Tumulis_ courtesy of I, Voidhanger; this year's _Omen Ex Simulacra_ marks the band's first album for French face-fuckers Debemur Morti. (DM has basically all their shit up at Bandcamp; get on all that, pronto!) Consider it death metal for the folks who have swallowed their fill of the old-school but can't stomach the technical perversions of the hip and trendy. _Omen Ex Simulacra_ groans under too much heady noise to sit comfortably in the OSDM camp (band leader Matron Thorn is even credited with "noise" on top of instrumental contributions, so they clearly think amusicality is important), but the Neanderthal bludgeoning is far too primitive to gain entry to any brutal slam-tech parties. _Omen Ex Simulacra_ envelopes listeners in a haunted hurricane of voices ripped from their eternal tortures to warn you of the world's unseen perils.

Musicianship and songwriting have an important role to play in metal, forcing our demons into rank and file order. Ævangelist represent the chaos that cannot be tamed, and the psychic grief that ensues when we try. Ævangelist remind us it's never silly to be very, very afraid of the dark.


(article published 13/10/2013)

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