Antigama - _Meteor_
(Selfmadegod Records, 2013)
by: Dan Lake (9 out of 10)
In more than one sense, Antigama are the Polish grind outfit that got away. For this listener, Antigama was just the name of another heavy band on the Relapse roster, one that never stirred up enough buzz to tear me away from my Burst and Pig Destroyer records. Talk about regrets. Shoulda hopped this bullet train a decade ago. In terms of the Polish metal scene, too, Antigama found a way out of that insular, oft ignored sector of the blast-beaten globe. In finding wider exposure, Antigama exploded out of a scene that included rage-worshipping wierdos like Samo, Psychofagist, and Moja Adrenalina (now Semantik Punk). Anyone willing to follow the trail of bruised jaws and bleeding ears backwards into that scene will, like I did, find a gleaming trove of gems waiting to be snatched up.

All this is to say that some of us should have come to the Antigama party sooner. _Meteor_ is an early 2013 pick to be -the- grind record to love. High production value gives the album teeth. Shit, those teeth have teeth. Yes, "Collapse" starts things off in predictably percussive fashion for a death-grind outing, but after feigning the obvious, _Meteor_ sets off on its own relentlessly, terrifically terrifying course. Every song, every riff is taut, strained by the massive outpouring of energy unleashed in each charging moment. "The Key" and "Prophecy" bulge with brittle intensity, and even more measured offerings like the spacious "Stargate", the electro-throbbing "Turbulence" and the groaning title track shake with bug-eyed fury.

Nothing on _Meteor_ is a letdown; no filler exists. In under a half-hour, Antigama starjam through your psyche and turn skeptics into pavement pounding poster pushers. At first, the album cover's brain hurtling through nebulae seems like bait primed for a switch. Give _Meteor_ a few listens. Cynicism will not survive.


(article published 13/10/2013)

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