Who Dies in Siberian Slush - _We Have Been Dead Since Long Ago..._
(Solitude Productions, 2012)
by: Chaim Drishner (8 out of 10)
Who Dies in Siberian Slush (WDiSS) were a fine melodic doom/death band releasing strong material, albeit not the most original of the lot.

Not anymore.

WDiSS version 2013 is bleaker, more skeletal and altogether cruder an entity compared to the band's majestic and highly melodic debut.

Verging on being an all-out funeral doom act, they have released a sad, sad album dealing with life's horrors and unbearable existence. The melodies are simple and stern and on par with the disheartening texts, the riffs are melancholic and infecting, the vocals are inhuman, and the whole package is one hell of a misery-inducing album -- it actually re-writes the definition of 'depressive music'. _Not a Gleam of Hope_ should have been the title of this second album, its sad radiance glowing in black light of Siberian frost and human rot.

Interestingly enough, the bleak music captured on _We Have Been Dead Since Long Ago..._ is rather catchy and quite enjoyable, mainly because the songs are highly melodic in their own crass way, they mostly bear that familiar flavour and yet they dodge the style's clich├ęs elegantly.

Albeit sounding simplistic, and to extent also reminiscent of some older bands from the style's infancy days (American band Winter come to mind, but also German legends Worship...), and despite the fact the music has been granted with peculiar dynamics (many dragging sections, many halts in the natural flow of the tracks) the listen is rewarding to say the least.

Having an ancient sound that has been slightly updated, this album sounds like a classic doom-oriented death metal from the '90s having been re-recorded or something like that; an era where bands were capable of delivering atmospheric melodies without the need of introducing gimmicks and additional factors into their music, other than the very basic instruments, sounding both ancient and primitive yet extremely captivating and awe-inspiring.

_We Have Been Dead Since Long Ago..._ is such an album. Check it out and prepare to be blown away by this reaping, malevolent melancholy!

PS: Track five is a metallic interpretation of Chopin's Funeral March classical piece, a brilliant instrumental track even for those who are not familiar with the original. That track alone is worthy of a purchase.

Contact: http://solitude-prod.com/

(article published 28/7/2013)

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